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Year: 2010
Genre: MMO-RPG
Censorship: None

Platform: PC / Windows
Publication Type: Official
Medicine: Not required
Language games: Russian + English
Language: English + Russian
Voice set Language: Unknown / Other
System requirements: Windows XP; 1Ghz; 512Mb; 32Mb; 2Gb

Description: Hentai-RO - an unusual project. This online role-playing game created based on Norse mythology, based on the comic "Ragnarok" South Korean writer Lee Myon-Jin'a. Users can create characters and embark alone or in groups in an interesting journey through the vast world in search of adventure.

Our team conducted a titanic job of redrawing all the characters, monsters, the game world, writing additional quests, tasks, things.

The game, despite its cartoonish, in no way inferior to the seriousness of even the most global titans online role playing projects. On the contrary, this is the most cartoonish and gives some special atmosphere in which you want all izlazit and come to know, as well as socialize with all the characters. From the very beginning, and as we move into the virtual world, you can customize your character as you please. Liqueur lends itself to both the appearance and the detailed quality and the possibility of player skills.

The game is well-designed system of the classes, you are not tied explicitly to a single branch of development, are free to choose the path as far as pumping. Those who are madly in love with battles against other players, will find an excellent system of PvP, which is exactly have you and the entire squad to taste.

Graphic style is that you and all the other players and creatures look like chibiki. This is a key feature of the game, which sets it apart from all other projects. I must say that chibi art is the most that neither is pleasant. Usually cartoon online games, you have to play step by step or in the browser, but here everything is as great as in the major role-playing games.

In real time you will explore locations, which are based on the individual pieces, the rooms of this world. The game is designed to pass on the team, if not from the very beginning of the game, but very quickly you will feel the need to organize the squad to achieve common goals and have fun.

size: 1.54 GB
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