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04-06-2015, 11:58 AM
Video Strip Poker Classic


Computer strip poker with high quality videos. Video has great size and good quality, so it makes sense to play and win, undress girls. Altogether five different girls undress. You can also choose the difficulty level. Also present in the distribution of an additional 37 more girls and absolutely free!

Genre: Adventure, Striptease, Card-game (poker)
Platform: PC / Windows
Publication Type: Original
Language: English
Censorship: no
Type of translation: the text and sound in this language (original)
File size: 6 Gb

System requirements:
- CPU: Pentium 200 MHz
- Memory: 32 mb
- Drive CD-ROM 8x
- Graphics card: PCI 800x600 16-bit
- Free space on HDD: 200-650 mb
- Sound card
- Mouse
- MS Windows Media Player 6.4

http://posteram.ru/pic_s/b9db6ca980c61c44d6510f3c03f0e5ca.jpg (http://posteram.ru/v.php?id=b9db6ca980c61c44d6510f3c03f0e5ca) http://posteram.ru/pic_s/b2166fb01c5b72746ba866b3839a4734.jpg (http://posteram.ru/v.php?id=b2166fb01c5b72746ba866b3839a4734) http://posteram.ru/pic_s/d5be0dcd37dbd5b015441428a4255eda.jpg (http://posteram.ru/v.php?id=d5be0dcd37dbd5b015441428a4255eda)

part 1 - http://megairon.net/bgncwysqdtvq
part 2 - http://megairon.net/7keemv7coqme
part 3 - http://megairon.net/npc122l4cpci
part 4 - http://megairon.net/orgo3bjfhe7g
part 5 - http://megairon.net/e2vokm1squbb
part 6 - http://megairon.net/k3uytrxwxajt
part 7 - http://megairon.net/w2xsus5km96g