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01-28-2014, 02:28 AM
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After his grandpa's death, Katsuragi is contacted by the family at the estate where his grandpa worked as a butler. The family asks him to work there as a butler to replace his grandpa. It turns out, his grandpa was the caretaker of the daughter, who is the same age as Katsuragi, so he will now be in charge of taking care of her. When he is asked to take a bunch of boxes to her room, he walks in on her masturbating. How will she react?

Special Information
Air Date: 20.04.2012 to 20.07.2012
Duration: 27 minutes
Categories: Female Students, Large Breasts, Manga
Director: Katou Seishirou
Original Work: Igarashi Denma
Production: Digital Works

File Information
Group: SubDesu-H
Video: 704x480 (853x480) h.264 10-bit (~457 kBit/s)
Audio: Japanese 2.0 AAC (171 kBit/s)
Subtitles: English soft-subbed .ass

http://cloudimg.net/uploads/images/2014/01/28/thumbnails/MV0EV7sK7LlCVz8lYfahORQk5S57xIvG.jpeg (http://cloudimg.net/img-a5zCRQYu1jBoh98UDrCKugI1OfMCIs0d.jpeg)