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01-23-2014, 07:48 AM
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Series Information

Year of release: 2004
Episodes: 2
Categories: BDSM, Bondage, Erotic Game, Female Students, Rape, School Life, Virgins
Director: Aim
Production: Digital Works

File Information

Group: Khmer-Hentai
Video: 640x480 (4:3) VFR XviD (ep1: 1042 kBit/s; ep2: 1059 kBit/s)
Japanese 2.0 Stereo Vorbis (Ogg Vorbis) (ep1: 108 kBit/s;ep2: 107 kBit/s)
English 2.0 Stereo Vorbis (Ogg Vorbis) (107 kBit/s)
Subtitles: English unstyled softsubs (SRT)


An elite high school had another face hidden in the dark. In return for sending sex slaves to the colleges, they received a lot of money as contributions. The trainers of those slaves were disposable teachers (trainers) who could keep secrets. They hired talented men as temporary teaches for training. If they found a promising person, they asked him what he wanted and made him take a test. The test was to lecture those who were defined as problem students. However, the "lecture" was merely cover; actually, it was training for sex slaves. If the candidate achieved a good result, he would be qualified as a teacher (trainer).

Simazu had had an affair with a student and was expelled from the school. Because he was branded as a harasser, no school would hire him. But this school hired him as a temporary teacher, and he had worked there for six months. One day, the deputy school master called him and made him an offer to become a trainer. Of course, he couldn't refuse. He made up his mind and made the students his targets. (Adapted from AnimeNFO)

http://cloudimg.net/uploads/images/2014/01/23/thumbnails/SopajFrYzRcDHREp3oByhAq6NmyJ7W8P.jpeg (http://cloudimg.net/img-tpvFzczEK6Ct5oBf8sThQ4ukeIV2RnRC.jpeg)


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